Shinkokyu: A Personal Journey

"In 1970 I went with a training buddy to Shingu, Japan, where I met Hikitsuchi Sensei and started training with him when I had vacation from my work in Tokyo. He started each class he taught with an exercise formally called Chinkon Kishin no Ho. This, he said, was a physical, spiritual exercise done daily by O-Sensei. This became a daily practice for me and through the years I learned more about it. Many of you will recognize pieces of this as "rowing exercise" or just shaking one's hands in front of one’s center as part of the warm up. It is a fascinating practice and very useful in our current chaotic time. Because of this I decided to do an introductory class in this practice. This practice has changed for me with time and experience. If you are interested, please join me." 


 The session is open to anyone interested. There is a sliding scale donation of $10-$20. Please contribute at


The session will be offered twice. 


 Friday 2/5/21, 3-4pmPT/6-7pmET  Click here to sign up for the Friday session.


Saturday 2/6/21, 1-2pmPT/4-5pmET  Click here to sign up for the Saturday session.