In my more than 40 years of Aikido practice, I have had the opportunity to deeply explore the issue of mind/body harmony. This experience has taught me that a person's physical interactions with others reflect his or her habitual patterns of thought, feeling, and action. I have learned that changes in movement can bring about changes in who you are and how you interact with the world. Positive changes in the mind will become positive changes in the body; positive changes in the body will become positive changes in the mind.

Although I have shared these insights with my students in my role as an Aikido teacher, my contact with a particular student has often been limited to a few minutes at a seminar or the occassional one hour private lesson. It has become clear to me in recent years that many people want a deeper exploration of the complexity of their own mind/body. I have, therefore, created a new format that will allow for a longer term holistic exploration of these issues.

If you are interested in examinings how changes in how you perceive the world can bring about changes in movement and how changes in movement can impact your world view and relationships, please contact me and we will discuss the possibilities.