Dear Aikido Friends and Family,


2018 has dawned with horrible weather in many parts of the world. Although this year I have cause to celebrate 50 years of aikido, my heart is heavy to think of all the suffering in the world from natural and man made disasters. Time to dig into the profound teaches of O'Sensei and work to actualize them in daily life. The first place to do that is on the mat in your own dojo. Work to move without 'Muda' or 'Muri' as Anno Sensei reminds us. One's technique should be without wasteful, fruitless movement or forced excessive movement. Just as we do on the mat, we should not be wasteful or excessive in our material, spiritual, or social lives. Could we move thorugh the experiences of our lives and deal with them in a reasonable, graceful, non-forced way?


A few days after I started classes at Hombu Dojo an 80 year old man took me under his wing. He had started aikido at 60. I still remember what he said when I asked him to define aikido. He said that it was being in the right place at the right time to do the right thing. I couldn't understand him at the time, but I always kept thinking about his words as I trained and lived my life.


'Being aikido' is the theme of my annual seminar at Kumai Kai Dojo, Feb. 1-3. I have the feeling it will be the theme of my exploration of aikido this year.


Good luck and good progress in Aikido to everyone.



Mary Heiny

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