Dear Aikido Friends and Family,


It is already the end of July. It is true that the older you get the faster time seems to move. I have enjoyed each seminar I have been able to to do so far and look forward to the rest of the year. Every seminar holds some highlight for myself. Each person I can interact with on the mat during a seminar contributes to my continued study of Aikido. I feel very grateful to everyone who attends. A couple of highlights so far this year are the "Kintsugi" themed seminar at Denise Barry's dojo in Sebastopol in February. Her new dojo space is small and lovely. It contributed to an intimate atmosphere of mutual exploration. Another was the just completed annual Santa Cruz Summer Retreat. 86 year Anno Sensei, one of my teachers from Shingu, came again and offered tremendous inspiration. The theme was Osensei's phrase of Banyu Aigo no Seishin. This is the spirit of loving protection for everything. I thought this theme was very challenging given the state of the world and our own country. I wasn't sure I could deal with it very well. As usual, the Retreat built up an amazingly deep and rich atmosphere of gratitude and joy. Anno Sensei embodied in his technique the theme and his belief that Kinshasa, gratitude, is the foundation upon which you can build the spirit of love and protection. I have so far to go.


I am looking forward to seeing you on a mat somewhere!

Mary Heiny

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