The Private Lesson
Holistic coaching towards mind/body awareness

Dear Aikido Friends and Family,


2017 has started off with some very challenging weather nationwide. I think the year will challenge me to look more deeply into the meaning and value of Aikido. In 2018 I will have been on the mat for 50 years and want to use this year to understand the tremendous energy shift that happened for me at the July Summer Retreat in Santa Cruz. It can take some time to digest, define and turn into transmissible information a flash of insight/experience. This will be a year of intensive study for myself. I look forward to the seminars upcoming as they provide a rich environment in which to co-sudy Aikido with a variety of passionate and thoughtful Aikidoists. I always get so much out of each seminar and hope that the experience helps all of us re-connect with the root of Aikido and Osensei’s teachings. Also there will be a 50 years party/seminar in 2018. Look for a “save the date” announcement in the next month.


I am looking forward to seeing you on a mat somewhere!

Mary Heiny

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