The Private Lesson
Holistic coaching towards mind/body awareness

Dear Aikido Friends and Family,


2015 is off to a great start. With the success of the hip revision surgery I am re-energized and enjoying pain free movement on the mat. Last year was about accessing the creativity necessary to adapt to the constantly changing condition of my body as I continued to heal as I taught seminars. This year I have been exploring the power of Ki as it moves through the bodies of Nage and Uke to create one Aiki Moment. At seminars I and the participants are having more fun, more movement and ongoing insights into Aikido’s profound message.

Getting back to teaching condition and maintaining it was the big task of 2014 and I want to thank all the practitioners who made it possible. It occurred to me that my friends may be wondering how did I recover and how, at 70, I can keep going.

Following hip revision surgery by the splendid Dr. Jung I began my recovery with a sequence of traditional physical therapy with Barbara Berry. Once enough tissue healing had taken place I turned to the team of bodyworkers who have kept this old body going so I can continue to enjoy sharing the profound teachings of Aikido with sincere students and teachers all over North America. They are Barbara Dick, my Certified Gyrotonics trainer, Certified Advanced Rolfer Louise Almegren, and Dr. Robert Rushing, the only person in Seattle certified to do Directional Non-Force Chiropractic. Each week I would have a rolfing session followed the next day by gyrotonics that would integrate the work from the day before. And I saw Dr. Rushing regularly. I am very grateful to all of them. Last and certainly not least I am grateful to all the folks who made doing so much work possible. The Aikido Family is a wondrous group of people.

Mary Heiny

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