The Private Lesson
Holistic coaching towards mind/body awareness

Dear Aikido Friends and Family,

It gives me such joy to report that my operation went very well.  My surgeon found a pocket of debris near the prothesis but very little necrotic tissue to remove.  He replaced the metal socket liner and head with plastic and ceramic so the source of my damage is gone.  Since waking up from surgery I have had almost no pain and was walking and exercising right away.  I seem to be recovering at light speed!  Today the staples came out and I am walking easily with a cane.

I have a lot of rehab to do but am blessed with a community of health professionals as well as friends here in Seattle to help be get back to maximum strength.  I will be teaching in Tucson, AZ the first weekend of April.  Seems unreal to me.

Many, many compassionate, loving people all over have sent me their best wishes and best healing energy and I believe that is why I am healing so fast.  I am overcome with gratitude for everyone’s caring and generosity.

I now look forward to seeing you on the mat to continue the study and exploration of the profound art of Aikido.

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Mary Heiny



My first DVD since 1995 is titled The Purpose of Aikido. It is 60 minutes and explores the teaching of O'Sensei that aikido is meant to help us grow in five areas. Click here for more information.