To my Aikido family and friends,


Who knew that one day we would wake up in a Kafka novel. The world seems chaotic, unpredictable, dangerous, frightening, and bizarre. More than ever we who practice Aikido must use the art for its purpose of developing people of uplifted character who can remain centered, calm and compassionate while dealing with widely varying and unpredictable circumstances. Now most of us cannot even practice together physically and are adapting to the ways modern technology allows us to stay connected and growing. For me Zoom has been amazing. From just seeing the faces of friends as we talk together to taking classes from other Aikido teachers to developing some new classes to offer students it has been daunting and yet empowering. I hope it and other technologies are helping you all also stay connected and learning.


Please stay healthy and strong. I look forward to when we can be together again on the mat.






Heiny Sensei is offering new sessions of her class on Shinkokyu.  Please click here for more information.