Dear Aikido Friends and Family,


It is nearly August and I haven't had the time to update this greeting. I had many seminar opportunities the first half of the year and also had the joy of celebrating 50 years of aikido, along with the surprise of being promoted to 7th dan. During this time I sometimes felt the world was disintegrating around me and then I would enter the dojo and feel the goodness in people and the profundity of aikido. I have needed Aikido more than ever this year on many levels. In July I co-taught the Santa Cruz Summer Retreat and Linda Holiday Sensei had chosen the theme of 'Gratitude.' I enjoyed exploring this theme in my classes but also realized that my life, despite problems, has been basically wonderful. And now I feel like I am living in a pool of friendly, helpful, generous, and sincere beings. O'Sensei said Aikido was to develop Makoto no Ningen, Sincere Human Beings. I have seen myself change so much in a positive way due to Aikido and I have seen it over and over again in the students I meet with every year. A heart full of gratitude is the only response.


In October I will be traveling to Japan, my first visit in eleven years. I didn't think a trip was possible at first, but, thanks to friends, I will be able to go. I want to thank Sandai Doshu personally for my promotion. I have already thanked Nadeau Sensei and Laurin Herr for their successful completion of project 'Mary Promotion.' Another goal of this trip is just nostalgia. Also, I will be able to see Anno Sensei in Shingu. Looking forward to this and the remaining seminars this year.


Mary Heiny

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